The kids are all back in school by now. Is your vehicle prepared for back-to-school safety? According to the National Safety Council, there are several things you can do to help your kids stay safe as they travel to and from school.


Obey all traffic signs. This may seem pretty basic, but there are plenty of people who assume that traffic signs don’t apply to them. They disobey the traffic signs by not stopping at a stop sign, not yielding at a yield sign, ignoring Do Not Enter signs, and so on. Don’t be one of those people who risks the safety of others by ignoring signs.  Please, obey all traffic signs, for they were put there for the safety of everyone.


Don’t text and drive. Yes, you may be in a hurry and yes, you may feel like communicating via text while driving, but don’t do it. It’s too risky for you and everyone in your vicinity. Your focus should be on the road and objects surrounding your vehicle. It should not be on texting while driving. Period.


Drive safely with school buses. Too many drivers are distracted and don’t stop for school buses. Here is a Public Safety Announcement video reminding you of what the law states regarding driver safety around school buses.


Share the road. Your job as a driver is to safely share the road with others. This includes other passenger vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders, equestrians, farm vehicles, etc. Just because cars dominate roads does not mean that your rights are superior to others sharing the road with you. Be cautious and courteous as you share the road with others who are outside of your vehicle.


Maintain your vehicle and brakes. When you maintain your vehicle, including your braking system, you and everyone sharing the road with you stand to live longer, healthier lives. Your brakes and your reaction time are often what keeps you from getting into a life-altering accident. To avoid accidents, be sure to maintain your vehicle on a regular basis to keep your brakes in top condition.


Safety is no joking matter, and we hope you found these back-to-school safety reminders helpful. Even though Robert’s Collision & Repair is the premier auto body and auto repair shop on the Monterey Peninsula, we would love it if everyone was so safe that they would never need our body shop services. However, we understand that accidents happen, in spite of everyone’s best intentions while driving.


Next time, your vehicle needs auto repair,  we invite you to Robert’s Collision & Repair. We are located at 234 Ramona Avenue in Monterey, California, which is just a few miles away from Seaside, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Sand City, Del Rey Oaks, Carmel, and Marina. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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